2 carts of Amazon packages found abandoned near Ottawa Superstore

Nov 27, 2020

Ottawa (Canada) Nov 27: Two grocery carts full of Amazon packages and envelopes were found abandoned near the Real Canadian Superstore in Westboro on Thursday night, residents say.
Denise Wong was out to get some groceries around 4:30 p.m. on Friday when she noticed the two carts, left parked behind a thicket of trees near the Richmond Road store.
"I was just kind of shocked to see that many packages right there and no one really around," she said. "I looked closely to see if it was perhaps empty boxes but they all looked to be full."
Her first thought was to post a note to her neighbourhood's Facebook page to alert others in the area who might be missing a package from their porch.
Her husband later returned, and with another passerby, found a key fob near the packages that unlocked an Intelcom delivery van nearby. The passerby called police, said Wong.
Ottawa police told CBC Thursday night they had no knowledge of the report. CBC was unable to reach anyone with information at Intelcom and has yet to hear back from Amazon.
Wong said she figures someone may have taken packages from the Intelcom van and tried to make off with them in the grocery carts only to get stuck when the wheels locked as they left the Superstore parking lot.
Source: CBC News