2nd WorldSkills Asia Competition enriches skills of future generations

Nov 28, 2023

Abu Dhabi [UAE], November 28: The 2nd WorldSkills Asia Competition showcases a diverse range of skills for young participants, including information technology network systems management, electronics and electrical connections, engineering drawing, self-moving smart robotics, website design, and graphic design technology.
Rashed Khalid Shah, an expert in the field of self-moving robotics for the youth category, affirmed the United Arab Emirates' status as a vanguard in empowering emerging generations with the requisite skills for the future.
In a statement to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Shah, who is participating in the event, emphasised that the competition serves as a beacon of the exceptional scientific and practical proficiency of the participating young talents.
He further underscored that the inclusion of self-moving robots for the youth category is a strategic initiative designed to amplify the capabilities of Emirati youth in honing their professional and artistic acumen.
Source: Emirates News Agency

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