A woman attacked a mass of Asians in New York

Jun 02, 2023

New York [US], June 2: A 29-year-old woman was indicted after repeatedly attacking people of Asian descent on the street in New York (USA).
The NextShark page on June 2 reported that a woman in New York City (New York State, USA) has been indicted for serious crimes related to mass attacks on people of Asian descent on the Upper West Side.
According to CNN, citing information from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, defendant Camila Rodriguez (29) is indicted in two indictments by the New York State Supreme Court on a series of charges related to assault and harassment.
Prosecutors said the six attacks took place between March 16 and May 11. The woman is accused of pulling the hair of an Asian woman at West 108 Street on March 22 and slapping her face after the victim spoke to her in Mandarin. Rodriguez also punched the victim after the two fell to the ground.
On April 8, the defendant pulled the hair of a Chinese person with two friends from his country waiting for a table outside a restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue. A friend of the victim pushed Rodriguez away when the woman pushed the electric scooter in her leg.
Then, a waiter at an Asian restaurant announced that a table was available, but Rodriguez tried to attack.
On April 21, defendant grabbed a Filipino woman by the hair at the corner of West 104 and Broadway, pinned her to the ground, and punched her in the face several times.
According to prosecutors, the defendant also assaulted other people on March 16, April 27 and May 11, including kicking a Korean woman near the stairs to a subway station, spitting at a man. man of Chinese descent and slapped a man of Korean descent.
"Hate and harassment have absolutely no place on the streets of Manhattan and New Yorkers everywhere deserve to feel safe," Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said after the prosecution. Rodriguez involved in mass attacks against people of Asian descent .
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper