Erdogan brands Netanyahu 'butcher of Gaza'

Nov 30, 2023

Ankara [Turkey], November 30: Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan has declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be personally responsible for the deaths in the besieged Gaza Strip.
"Netanyahu, who committed one of the greatest atrocities of the last century, has already gone down in history as the butcher of Gaza," Erdogan told his ruling party members in parliament in Ankara.
Such a "stain" is not only on Netanyahu, but also on those who supported him "unconditionally," the Turkish leader added. Erdogan said the Israeli government's statements do not indicate that a current truce will lead to a long-term ceasefire. Netanyahu on Tuesday reiterated his government's goal is to destroy Hamas' leadership and military capabilities as soon as the ceasefire ends.
More than 14,800 people have died in Gaza Strip and around 36,000 have been injured in Israeli bombardments, according to Hamas. Another 7,000 are considered missing.
Source: Qatar Tribune