German terror group leader gets 6 years in prison

Dec 01, 2023

Stuttgart [Germany], December 1: The ringleader of a far-right German terrorist group that allegedly plotted violent attacks on Muslims in hopes of provoking a civil war is sentenced to six years in prison by a court in Stuttgart.Werner S, as he is known due to German privacy rules around criminal defendants, was convicted by the court of having founded a terrorist organization.The terror cell Werner S led, dubbed "Group S" in his name, was gripped with fear that Germany would be taken over by refugees and plotted to provoke a civil war through attacks against mosques and other targets, according to prosecutors.A defence lawyer tried to argue that the group never intended to follow through on their schemes and racist rhetoric, calling them a "collection of sloganeers." Ten other alleged members or supporters of "Group S,", also faced criminal charges. Some received prison sentences, while others were sentenced to probation.Source: Qatar Tribune