JetBlue passenger wearing Burger King crown hurls racial slurs, assaults flight attendant on plane

Oct 24, 2020

New York (USA) October 24: A man in a Burger King crown on a JetBlue flight from Jamaica to New York Tuesday was arrested after hurling racial slurs at other passengers and assaulting a flight attendant.
The bizarre scene began, according to a video shared online, once the man in the fast food crown accused another passenger of taking his seat on the plane. In the video, the man can be heard screaming at the flight attendant "where is 25A?"
He then goes on to claim another passenger kneed him in the stomach.
The confrontation among passengers escalates on the New York City-bound flight as the White passenger calls other passengers the N-word. He also calls another passenger a b---- during his racist and misogynist rant.
The flight attendants on the plane attempt to calm the passenger, who is becoming increasingly unhinged.
Eventually, a flight attendant tells the man, "I don't care what she did. You're being disrespectful. Shut the f--- up for just two seconds."
In continuing mayhem, the passenger dumps water on the flight attendant and demands a "lawsuit." Following that, another passenger is seen running up the aisle and punching the man.
According to a report from TMZ, Kingston police in Jamaica removed the passenger in handcuffs to an audience of passengers, who were clapping and cheering as he was escorted down the terminal.
A spokesperson for JetBlue confirmed the incident in a statement to Fox News and said the man has been banned from flying with them.
"We would like to thank our crewmembers for immediately intervening and requesting the assistance of law enforcement during this very difficult incident. We have zero tolerance for racism or harassment, and after reviewing this customer's abhorrent racist behavior, we have determined he is no longer welcome to fly JetBlue.," said spokesman Derek Dombrowski.
Source: Fox News