Moving in search of safer mobility for all

Apr 14, 2023

New Delhi [India], April 14 (ANI/Mediawire): #BeTheBetterGuy road-safety campaign by Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is not just limited to car drivers. Times Auto joined the movement.
With a population of 1.4 billion citizens, India is poised to be the most populous country in the world, very soon. Ours is also a big country in terms of sheer geographical size. To connect far corners of this vast nation we have the second-largest road network in the world that runs almost six million kilometres and is growing every year. Increasing reliance on roads for meeting all kind of personal and business needs leads to unprecedented vehicular movement on our highways. And that is why we do not need just 'roads', but 'safer roads' to play an important role in a holistic growth of the Indian economy.

However, often when we speak about safety, most discussions hover around the number of airbags that a car has or the crash-safety ratings enjoyed by a specific car model. Of course, airbags together with a long list of active and passive safety features are doing a great deal when it comes to the vehicle safety on roads. The latest in advanced safety tech-features like the ADAS Level 2, introduced in India with the launch of Hyundai TUCSON in 2022, took the game a few notches above by giving the Indian audience a taste of quasi-autonomous driving experience, ensuring unprecedented level of safety using pathbreaking technology. Can we do more?
'What differentiates a smart human from a smart machine is a sense of empathy, an ability to feel for fellow beings'

Safety as a subject is as diverse as the variety of vehicles that ply on Indian roads. After all, life of a pedestrian, of a cyclist or for that matter any person who uses the road, is as important as that of anybody else. Making cars safer than ever is an important step in the right direction, though not the ultimate one. What differentiates a smart human from a smart machine is a sense of empathy, an ability to feel for fellow beings. And hence safety will always remain to be a matter of mindset. It will be inappropriate to equate safety to a feature without a corresponding evolutionary change in the user behaviour. #BetheBetterGuy road-safety campaign initiated by Hyundai Motor India Ltd is a step in the same direction. It aims to create awareness about safer mobility and inculcate habits that would help make Indian roads safer for everyone. In fact, safety gains true significance only when embodied in the form of the correct behaviour by road users of all types and aided by the best of automotive technology.
We often notice drivers not following the most basic of all safety measures one must comply with while being on road. Turning without an indicator sign, stopping over the pedestrian crossing, parking over footpaths are just a few of the examples. Some other road users like the pedestrians, cyclists and two-wheelers form the more vulnerable of the lot and yet demonstrate a callous attitude towards traffic rules, disregarding their own personal safety at times. Two wheelers plying on the wrong side of the road, jumping a red light, jaywalking, etc., are common sights across the country.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to ensure safety not just for our own selves but also for every other person with whom we share the road. Stricter regulations by the government and use of latest technology by car manufacturers helps, though a little bit of empathy and slight modifications in the way we use the roads, can go a long way making our roads safer than ever.
Practicing safer road habits leads to safer mobility for all, therefor it is a change that needs to begin at an individual level. It's worth the note that safe cars are safe only with a responsible driver behind the wheels. #BeTheBetterGuy and do your bit by prioritising safety for all.

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