Prime ministers of Spain, Belgium reject Israel's criticism over stance on Gaza

Nov 26, 2023

Brussels [Belgium], November 26: Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo rejected Israel's accusations of supporting terrorism after their remarks on the situation in Gaza.
Sanchez and De Croo visited Egypt, where Albares called for a lasting ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas, and the recognition of an independent Palestinian state. He also slammed the "completely unacceptable" indiscriminate killings of Gaza civilians by Israel. De Croo also called on Israel to respect international humanitarian law. After the press conference the Israeli foreign ministry condemned "the false claims of the Prime Ministers of Spain and Belgium which support terrorism," and summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium.
"The accusations made by the Israeli government against the Prime Minister [Sanchez] and the Belgian Prime Minister are absolutely false and unacceptable. We categorically reject them," the Spanish foreign minister said. De Croo, insisted on his "balanced" stance, saying that Belgium condemned terrorism and opposed the killing of civilians by both sides of the conflict. (Sputnik)
Source: Qatar Tribune