Sattvik Certifications Unveils Innovative Green Building Certification with Novotel Jodhpur as the Pioneering Recipient for its 100 per cent Vegetarian Status

Jun 15, 2024

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) [India], June 15: Sattvik Certifications, the world's leading vegetarian and vegan certification body, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Sattvik Green Building Certification. This innovative certification aims to promote vegetarianism and sustainability in the hospitality industry. The first recipient of this prestigious certification is Novotel, an Accor property, making it the world's first 100% Sattvik Certified Vegetarian hotel.
Novotel Jodhpur's certification as the world's first Sattvik Certified 100% Vegetarian hotel marks a significant milestone in the global hospitality sector. This certification recognizes the hotel's commitment to cruelty-free, sustainable, and environment-friendly practices, ensuring high standards of hygiene and compliance.
The first proud recipients of this certification is Tarun Bafna, the owner of Novotel Jodhpur, and Shubham Bafna, the Managing Director of Novotel Jodhpur.

Key attributes of Novotel Jodhpur's Sattvik Certification include offering a 100% vegetarian cuisine prepared in a cruelty-free environment, ensuring guests enjoy nutritious and ethically sourced meals. The hotel adheres to stringent sustainability protocols, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation, making it an eco-friendly destination. Novotel Jodhpur maintains rigorous hygiene standards, ensuring a safe and clean environment for all guests. From eco-friendly construction materials to green operational practices, the hotel exemplifies environmental responsibility. Novotel Jodhpur underwent a rigorous assessment process to ensure compliance with the Sattvik standards, including ingredient sourcing, food preparation, and kitchen practices.
Sattvik Certifications reflects a growing global trend towards ethical and sustainable hospitality. The Sattvik Green Building Certification is designed to meet the increasing demand for eco-conscious and health-oriented travel options.
Abhishek Biswas, Founder of Sattvik Certifications, stated, "We are thrilled to launch the Sattvik Green Building Certification and certify Novotel Jodhpur, under Accor Group, as our first 100% Sattvik Certified Vegetarian hotel. This certification underscores our commitment to promoting vegetarianism, cruelty-free hospitality, and sustainability worldwide. We congratulate Novotel Jodhpur for setting up a pioneering example in the hospitality industry."
Huizhong, Director of Sattvik Certifications Singapore & Indonesia, expressed, "This accomplishment not only marks a significant milestone for Novotel Jodhpur but also opens a gateway for Southeast Asia. It highlights the growing acceptance and demand for high-quality vegetarian and vegan standards in the region, encouraging more establishments to pursue Sattvik certification."

Sattvik Certifications is the world's leading vegetarian and vegan certification body, headquartered in Singapore. The organization is dedicated to promoting vegetarianism and veganism through rigorous certification processes, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of cruelty-free and sustainable practices.
Novotel Jodhpur, part of the Accor Group, is a premier hotel offering luxurious accommodations and world-class amenities. Located in the historic city of Jodhpur, the hotel provides guests with a unique blend of traditional hospitality and modern comforts, now enhanced by its 100% Sattvik Certified vegetarian status.
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