Skillskonnect launched, India's first digital retail network of training institutes, colleges and job consultancies providing blue and grey collar jobs

Nov 09, 2021

New Delhi [India], November 9 (ANI/NewsVoir): Skillskonnect, a Job Tech Company that is building India's first of its kind digital retail network was launched today.
Skillskonnect has created a unique technology platform for training institutes, colleges and job consultancies that have access to a captive & a well-defined network of job seekers, with a singular mission of simplifying access to relevant jobs and facilitate job application and interview process, thus helping them to get blue collar, fresher and on demand jobs.
They will accomplish this by using the innovative technology product 'Gazabjobs' that they have developed, which will democratize hiring across the length and breadth of the country. Gazabjobs is an amalgamation of people, process and technology, three major pillars for progress and subsistence of any business.
Speaking on the occasion, Dhiraj Ahuja, CEO Skillskonnect said, "We have a vision of becoming India's first company that will digitally empower the training institutes, colleges and job consultancies, which influences millions of youth to join the workforce of the country and can play a significant role in improving their career and life. The business idea originated from the fact that millions of trained & educated youth, passing out of the training institutes and colleges, find themselves without a suitable job due to lack of proper guidance to search and apply for jobs. Majority of such training institutes and colleges, are still not digitalized when it comes to placing their students and help them manage their career progression once they are out from the training institutes and colleges. Skillskonnect sees a big opportunity here by digitalising them using Gazabjobs."
Gazabjobs allows any training institute, college and job consulting organisation (called a retail partner) to go digital by launching their own job website in less than 1 minute, access thousands of jobs and enable employment for their captive job seekers. Besides offering jobs, it also allows its retail partners to attract new admissions & job seekers, build their personalized digital brands and scale up their business.
The data that gets generated in the back, on job seekers and their employment details, will be continuously upgraded and mined using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to draw never before insights on blue & grey collar jobs market and undertake timely engagements with job seekers for relevant offers on training, jobs, financial support, insurance products, through the career life cycle of a job seeker.
Skillskonnect network is able to generate high quality eligible candidates and also provides personalised counselling for job interviews to the jobseekers to get a good job. Its fast growing network of credible training and education institutions and job consultancies, offers continuous up skilling and cross skilling opportunities for job seekers as well as those who are in jobs and want to upgrade themselves, which sets Skillskonnect apart from the other digital job platforms.
The job consultants launching Gazabjobs are able to magnify their job offers and thus attract new job seekers to grow their business beyond their imagination. Skillskonnect also offer additional benefits to its network of retail partners, in form of online training platform, Education loans, Government funding schemes promoting entrepreneurship besides offering jobs.
The employers connected with Skillskonnect network get qualified candidates with additional services of background verification to hire instantaneously. The database is pre-checked on intent of the candidate to join to provide high employee retention that leads to cost savings, higher productivity and improved margins for the employers.
The initial target is Bharat, comprising of multi skill and multi-location training institutes, colleges and good job consulting organizations located in Tier 2 & Tier 3 towns, who can go digital and create job opportunities for aspiring youth in their network.
The exponential growth of smartphone users combined with cheaper internet connectivity has empowered the youth today to seek jobs available in the Digital scape.
Gazabjobs offers thousands of jobs from good brands in fast growing industries like Logistics (delivery and warehousing), Healthcare, Call centres, Front line sale staff in Banking and Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, Housekeeping and Hardware management in IT.
Finding the right jobs, hand holding through effective counselling to match skills with job search and even upgrading skills through online training videos, goes a long way in the right job fitment and job retention and growth, a mandate undertaken by skillskonnect.
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