Supreme Power Equipment Limited reports notable order inflow in March 2024 worth Rs 12.41 crore

Apr 02, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 2: Supreme Power Equipment Limited (NSE Code: SUPREMEPWR), a distinguished player in the power and distribution transformer manufacturing industry, reported a strong order inflow during March 2024.
The Company received new orders worth Rs 12.41 crore during the month of March 2024. This includes orders worth Rs 9.10 crore from government entities while rest is from other private players.
With this order inflow, the order book by end of March 2024 stands at Rs 51.35 crore. The government orders are worth Rs 26.38 crore and the rest Rs 24.97 crore are from other private players.
With a strong order pipeline and a focus on meeting both public and private sector demands, Supreme Power Equipment is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities in the power transmission sector, further enhancing its market presence and driving sustained growth in the coming periods
Vee Rajmohan, Chairman and Managing Director of Supreme Power Equipment Limited said, "This robust order inflow indicates Supreme Power Equipment's ability to not only meet but exceed market expectations, setting a solid foundation for continued growth in the upcoming fiscal year. The company's commitment to providing superior quality products, particularly high-capacity transformers, remains a key driver behind its success."
As Supreme Power Equipment marches forward, its strong order pipeline and strategic focus on customer satisfaction position it for sustained growth and dominance in the power transmission sector.
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