Tanzania's Zanzibar authorities vow full support to reggae festival

Aug 07, 2022

Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], August 7: Tanzania's Zanzibar authorities said on Saturday they are in full support of the Zanzibar reggae festival, a two day annual festival held at Stone Town's historical Old Fort.
The festival brings together international and local reggae artists to perform by combining culture and history with art and music in the soul of the historical Stone Town.
Unguja Urban district commissioner, Rashid SimaiMsaraka, said the Zanzibar reggae festival also helped in the promotion of the economy and tourism on Zanzibar's major twin Islands of Unguja and Pemba.
Speaking on the second and final day of the 2022 Zanzibar reggae festival, Msaraka said reggae should be respected by authorities like any other cultures.
The director of the Zanzibar reggae festival, Said Omary Hamad, thanked the Zanzibar government for recognizing the festival saying efforts were underway to make it more global.
Hamad said the Zanzibar Reggae festival focuses on community development and raises environmental awareness through the pre-performance initiatives of tree planting and beach clean-up efforts.
Source: Xinhua