The US again 'launched a blow' against Chinese companies after the hot air balloon incident

May 10, 2024

Washington [US], May 10: An additional 37 Chinese organizations were placed on the US trade blacklist after a Chinese hot air balloon flew over the US sky last year.
On May 9, the US Department of Commerce issued a statement saying that the country had added 37 Chinese organizations to the trade blacklist , including a number of companies accused of supporting a spy balloon while flying. in the sky over America last year.
In addition, the US Department of Commerce said it also targets parties seeking to buy US goods to improve China's quantum technology capabilities.
"These activities have significant military applications and pose a significant threat to US national security," the statement said.
Companies added to the so-called "entity list" will be restricted from accepting US goods and technology without the permission of the US government.
The latest additions to China's "high-altitude balloon program" retaliation measures came after the US Department of Commerce placed six Chinese organizations on the trade restrictions list in February 2023 because hot air balloon incident.
The balloon 's multi-day flight from Alaska to South Carolina attracted the attention of many Americans, before the US military shot it down off the east coast of the country on February 4, 2023.
In the statement, the US Department of Commerce added that some of the organizations targeted this time were also involved in advances in China's nuclear program or "involved in the transportation of controlled items". to Russia".
"We must remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent such entities from accessing American technologies that could be used in ways that compromise our national security," said the US Deputy Secretary of Commerce. Alan Estevez.
The Chinese Embassy in Washington DC (USA) did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the above US move, according to Reuters.
China previously denied information that it was a state-owned reconnaissance balloon. Beijing said its balloon was a civilian research vehicle that flew astray and that Washington overreacted.
After the embargo of six Chinese organizations last year, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the country had repeatedly explained the situation to the US, but the US had "overreacted to escalate tensions, and used this as an excuse to illegally punish Chinese businesses and institutions. This is an action that China firmly opposes and will take measures to deal with US agencies that harm China's sovereignty and security."
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper