The US - Japan - Australia - Philippines are about to conduct naval exercises in the East Sea

Apr 03, 2024

Washington [USA], April 3: The US, Japan, Australia and the Philippines plan to hold a joint naval exercise on Palawan island in the East Sea on April 7, according to Kyodo News.
If it goes as planned, this will be the first full exercise involving the four countries to enhance interoperability between their forces. The exercise will include anti-submarine warfare training, communications exercises and sailing formations. The exercise is scheduled to take place on April 7.
An informed source said that the Warramunga ship, an Australian aircraft, a Japanese destroyer and a number of US and Philippine naval assets will participate in the exercise. The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) destroyer Warramunga arrived at Palawan island for a port call ahead of the joint exercise. Afterwards, Australian Commander Jennifer Graham paid a courtesy call on Philippine Army Commander Romeo Brawner.
The source added that the Philippines has expressed its intention to hold a joint exercise with the above three countries several times a year.
Since last year, the Philippines has organized separate maritime cooperation activities with the United States and Australia - two countries that have a visiting force agreement with Manila.
In August last year, four countries, the United States, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea, conducted joint training to supplement offshore capabilities in the northwest Philippine Sea. Their forces only greeted each other and gathered to take photos, according to Kyodo on April 3.
Besides, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. scheduled to meet US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio in Washington (USA) on April 11. Mr. Marcos said that he and the leaders expected to reach an agreement to add interoperability and promote cooperation on maritime security during the meeting with the leaders of the three countries.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper