Wavesys Global Unveils Revolutionary Serverless Face Recognition and Smart Camera Solutions, Redefining Security Standards

Dec 01, 2023

SRV Media
New Delhi [India], December 1: Wavesys Global, a pioneering force in cutting-edge technology, has announced a groundbreaking stride in the realm of security solutions by integrating an upgraded Serverless architecture into their Face Recognition Systems (FRS). This monumental innovation empowers facial recognition without the traditional reliance on servers, ushering in a paradigm shift in the efficiency and agility of identity verification processes. The Serverless FRS proudly boasts the integration of the highest-ranked face recognition algorithm, as acknowledged by both the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), setting an unprecedented standard for accuracy and reliability.
What sets Wavesys Global's system apart is its seamless synergy with edge-based AI analytics, enabling rule-based detection and positioning it at the forefront of intelligent security solutions. The user experience is further enhanced with sophisticated search functionality, allowing queries based on name, age, gender, group affiliations, and access permissions, ushering in a new era of intuitive and comprehensive identity management.
Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, APAC, Wavesys Global, stated, "With our latest upgrade, Wavesys Global brings a game-changing shift to security. The integration of Serverless architecture into our Face Recognition Systems not only enhances accuracy but also frees us from traditional server constraints. It's a leap forward, empowering secure, efficient face recognition and redefining the standards of technological excellence."

Serverless Face Recognition Systems (FRS) not only redefine the landscape of identity verification but also harness the unparalleled power of face recognition at the edge. This innovative system incorporates age and gender details into user profiles, utilizing advanced "best shot" technology to elevate accuracy to unprecedented levels. Users can establish customized user groups and maintain meticulous "allowed" and "not allowed" lists, offering a granular approach to access control. The system's versatility shines through with a diverse range of compatible camera types and models, ensuring adaptability to various environments. Connecting seamlessly with edge-based AI analytics, Wavesys Global's FRS facilitates rule-based detection, reinforcing its role as a frontrunner in intelligent security solutions. As part of their ongoing commitment to innovation, the system is poised to introduce a remote database feature for network management and image uploads. Underscoring its technological prowess, Wavesys Global's Serverless FRS is armed with the top-ranked face recognition algorithm recognized by the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the fusion of cutting-edge technology and security.
In addition to the Serverless FRS, Wavesys Global introduces an innovative camera plugin that seamlessly transforms any camera into a highly efficient face detection system capable of generating events upon detecting a face. This technology operates either as an integrated solution or as a standalone system at the edge, eliminating the need for a central server. Notably, it excels in image selection by automatically choosing the clearest and highest-quality human images for face recognition purposes. Leveraging the FRVT 1:1 verification algorithm, a well-established technology in the kiosk domain and renowned for its performance in multi-factor authentication (1:N) scenarios, this plugin ensures robust and reliable face recognition capabilities. The user-friendly standalone interface allows for the creation of multiple groups and facilitates easy searching based on criteria such as name, age, gender, or predefined groups, adding a layer of versatility to its functionality. This technology represents a cutting-edge solution, seamlessly combining face detection, image optimization, and face recognition in a streamlined and user-friendly manner.
The camera options listed below encompass a range of surveillance solutions designed to meet diverse security needs. The IP50 series offers 5MP resolution, with specific models like the IP-50301LDO, IP-50301LBO, and IP-50303LB providing various features such as telephoto capabilities, Flashlight Full Color Turret, and Flashlight IR Turret. For higher resolution, the IP50 8MP series includes options like the IP-50503LDO, IP-50301LDO2, IP-50503LBO, and IP-50501FTO, each tailored to specific applications such as the Mini Dual IR Dome, IR Bullet, and Flashlight IR Turret. Additionally, the Multi-Sensor category presents the IP-50501LTO with 10 MP resolution. Whether it's compact domes, mini bullets, or specialized features like ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), these cameras offer versatile solutions for comprehensive surveillance needs.
Wavesys Global continues to lead the way in reshaping the landscape of security technology with these innovative solutions. The integration of Serverless architecture and advanced face recognition capabilities marks a transformative leap towards the future of secure, server-free face recognition.
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