WHO calls to respect legal, human rights of health workers detained in Gaza

Nov 26, 2023

Gaza [Palestine], November 26: The World Health Organization (WHO) said the rights of members of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and employees of the Palestinian Health Ministry, detained in the Gaza Strip during an operation to evacuate patients from the Shifa hospital in the enclave's north, must be respected.
"Two of the six detained health workers have reportedly been released. We do not have information about the well-being of the four remaining health staff, including the director of Al-Shifa hospital. WHO calls for their legal and human rights to be fully observed during their detention," the WHO said in a statement.
The escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestinian group Hamas started on October 7. On Friday morning, the sides launched a four-day truce to exchange some of the prisoners and hostages. (Sputnik)
Source: Qatar Tribune