Japan’s Yokohama city attracts tourists for winter sports

Jan 23, 2020

Yokohama (Japan), Jan 23 (ANI): Yokohama, which remained a port city in Japan for centuries, has now become a very popular tourist attraction showcasing the history, art and culture. The Red Brick Warehouses (Aka-Renga) are among the landmarks of the city. Formally these were the Customs Inspection House for Yokohama Bay's shipping activity after being opened in1859. These beautiful red brick buildings were closed in 1989 and in the year 2002 these were converted into one of Yokohama's most popular family and date spots with many unique shops and restaurants inside. Many features of these old warehouses are still being preserved, even the close by railway station. Throughout the year, many events take place in the Red Brick Warehouses. Red Brick Warehouses has played a major role in domestic and overseas development as a global logistics base since its foundation. And now it is a place for the creation of art and culture. This spacious ice-skating rink is available for limited time only so many foreign tourists try not to lose the opportunity to enjoy it. The illumination in the evening adds more beauty to Art Rink scenery. This unique place in Yokohama offers great opportunity to enjoy and learn about the history of the city, while interacting with various cultures from Japan and abroad.