TDP’s Ram Mohan Naidu writes ‘Om Sri Ram’ 21 times to take charge as Civil Aviation Minister

Jun 14, 2024

New Delhi, June 13 (ANI): In an auspicious start to his new role, Ram Mohan Naidu has officially taken charge of the Civil Aviation Minister. The ceremony, marked by traditional rituals, saw Naidu engaging in a unique act of reverence before assuming his duties. In a gesture symbolizing his faith and commitment, Naidu wrote "OM SRI RAM" 21 times on a sheet of paper before taking office. Following this, the new Aviation Minister spoke to his mother over the call to seek her blessings. Naidu’s gesture is seen as a blend of tradition and modernity, setting a tone of dedication as he steps into his new responsibilities “ On bringing down airfares, Union Civil Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu says, "It is an important issue. My whole intention is to make sure that air travel is accessible to the common man. To make this a reality, the prices have to be affordable. My priority would be to bring down the prices (airfares)…she was very happy, she was the wife of a central Minister once…and now she is the mother of a Union Minister so she couldn’t be more happier,” he told ANI.