US, India bilateral relationship extremely important: Mike Pompeo

Jun 13, 2019

Washington, DC (US), Jun 13 (ANI): Ahead of US Secretary Mike Pompeo’s visit to India in late June, which is aimed at deepening US partnerships in US-pacific region, he today at the India Ideas Summit mentioned that the bilateral relationship between US and India is extremely important. Mike Pompeo IN Washington DC said, “I'll have the incredible privilege to meet again with Prime Minister Modi and my new counterpart too, Minister of External Affairs Jaishankar, all heads of industry and other people. I'll be in India for a bit.” He added, “Millions of Indians have been lifted out of poverty. India became a world leader in IT services, pharmaceuticals and so many more. US-India bilateral trade reached a US$ 142 Billion just last year, a 7 fold increase since 2001.”