India’s High Commissioner to UK Vikram Doraiswami summarises situation in Punjab

Mar 22, 2023

London (UK), Mar 22 (ANI): Amid the massive crackdown being conducted by the Indian Government to arrest Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh, India’s High Commissioner to UK Vikram Doraiswami on March 22 in London summarised the situation in Punjab and said that there is ‘no truth’ to the sensationalist lies that are being spread on the social media. He further said that the Punjab situation is being exaggerated on the social media and urged people to not believe the lies pertaining the same. He also welcomed people with genuine queries over the matter. Pro-Khalistani preacher Amritpal Singh, who has been declared a ‘fugitive’ in India, is on a run, meanwhile, a massive manhunt for Singh is underway by the Indian Government. Amid heavy deployment and continuous search operation, several supporters of Amritpal Singh have been arrested so far. Amritpal Singh is in the middle of the whole mess over the Ajnala incident that left the whole country shocked and raised several questions over the law and order situation in Punjab.